Why Industrial Flooring is a Winner


Industrial flooring is a must for use in heavy duty scenarios, such as factories, warehouses, showrooms, hospitals, aircraft hangars, warehouses, showrooms, breweries – to name just a few places in Portsmouth, where it is being used right now. It is a durable and strong floor covering that is used in most industrial and many corporate environments. Industrial floor coatings are manufactured from a selection of materials, including epoxy and acrylic, to generate a clear or coloured finish over one’s concrete floors. You may make the choice of adding it to your existing areas or install it with a freshly constructed surface. So what are the benefits of industrial floor coatings and what kinds are there which will suit your business in Southampton?


The Benefits of Industrial Flooring

  • Long lasting, durable and tough. In some cases, the floors have actually outlasted the buildings! Easy to keep that ‘new’ look.
  • Good looking and easy on the eyes. A professionally finished floor is a must have in most working establishments, and especially in certain conditions such as car showrooms, supermarkets, cafeterias and other retail outlets, resulting in better customer satisfaction.
  • Slip resistant, thus creating a safer and confident atmosphere for everybody who will be using it.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Cost friendly, not prone to scratching and with a minimal amount of repairs.

 Kinds of Flooring

  • Heavy Duty Resin Flooring – heavy duty epoxy flooring can withstand heavy loads, high impact and other stresses.
  • Flow Applied Epoxy Flooring – epoxy floor coatings are commonly used in manufacturing facilities. Epoxy floors can be applied smoothly with an orange peel finish or with aggregate for safety. Epoxies have good gloss retention.
  • Heavy Duty Resin Bound Epoxy Screeds – Stronger than concrete, HDRBE Screed has been developed to take heavy usage in industrial and civil engineering environments. For restorations and repairs, this scheme outperforms conventional screeds.
  • Heavy Duty and Durable Cementitious – Cementitious urethane floor toppings are most often used in commercial kitchens or other areas where a heavy industrial resinous flooring is needed for durability. The floor topping cures more quickly than epoxies and have a matte or satin finish.
  • Decorative Flooring – When it comes to facility flooring, one of the best options out there is decorative flooring. Decorative flooring is highly customisable and offers a variety of other benefits.
  • Floor Seals – provide a means of sealing pipe, conduit or tube when they are passing through a concrete foundation of a structure below grade or below ground water level, or at entry points through a concrete wall or floor which must be sealed.

 As you can see, industrial flooring comes in a varied choice of styles and materials and is usually designed to offer some combination of durability, cost-efficiency, practical maintainability, and visual appeal. Before making a selection for Industrial Flooring in Hampshire, the demands that will most likely be placed upon it, should be well considered. Because of their extreme durability, strength and cost-effectiveness, industrial floorings are a must have for all kinds of industrial and corporate settings.