The Best Way to Order your Heating Oil


It’s that time of the year again, the evenings are drawing in, and the warmth of the summer has said its goodbyes. This signals many things, like getting the winter wear out of storage, and preparing the home for the barrage of cold that will inevitably arrive. One of the most essential items on the list of things to do, is ordering the heating oil, and for those who don’t relish the idea, there are new solutions.

Online Suppliers

An established heating oil supplier would have an easy to use website that focuses on placing an order. The process could not be simpler, just complete the four steps and your order will be placed. Delivery would typically be made within two working days, at a time that suited the customer, and with a network of depots across the country, they can cover any location. If you are thinking about ordering anytime soon, Campus Oil have your domestic heating oil needs fully covered, and with a competitive price, and reliable service, you can rest assured your essential winter fuel will arrive on time.


Advance Orders

This is a good way to save money, as the cost will be lower in the summer months, so order during the quiet period and save some money. Doing this also eliminates being caught out in the winter months when delivery times can vary, depending on the volume of orders. If you have a large enough tank, you can fill it up and that would see you through the winter, if the tank is on the small side, the oil supplier can provide a larger replacement, either interior or exterior, which will allow you to bulk buy when the price is right.

Payment Plans

An established heating oil supplier would have a flexible payment plan, to spread the winter payments over the entire year, and this can really help with budgeting. If you are registered with their plan, you can bulk buy at any time, and not have to make one large payment.

The Right Price

A national oil supplier would buy in very large amounts, and would be able to offer very competitive prices, lower than any local supplier, who would pay a lot more for their oil. If you wish to know the current price at any time, simply visit the site and a price will be quoted, and if it is low, a bulk buy is a good idea, no matter what time of year.


A modern supplier would understand the need to be on time with deliveries, and with many depots across the country, they can arrange most deliveries to suit the customer. You can even request that they call you prior to the delivery, to remind you to be at home. The fleet of modern tankers are on call at all times, and with the control centre administrating, the delivery system is both fast and efficient.

The easy to use interface makes online ordering quick and simple, and with friendly staff, always ready to assist, all of your heating requirements are now under one umbrella.