Security Cameras Systems Are More Than Just Cameras


It’s easy to get caught up in the megapixel count of a home security system, but great security systems are more than just the recording device. So much excitement ensues when people think of getting a security system that they don’t research more into a system. They believe that the higher the megapixel count, the better they’ll be able to catch culprits. While that may be somewhat true, there are more pieces of a security system you should educate yourself on.

The Hard Drive Matters

Most security cameras in Perth come with a physical hard drive, as opposed to the dangerous yet modern cloud storage, and the size matters. The more storage capacity you have on a hard disk, the more you can record and store away for future use. You may think that you don’t need the footage anymore because “nothing happened,” but if a streak of burglaries happens that pinpoints someone in the neighbourhood, your past footage could present clues to the authorities.

Day and Night Capabilities

A camera that cannot function at night time is a camera that isn’t worth purchasing. While burglaries happen most often during the day when homeowners are at work and kids are at school, burglaries aren’t the only crimes that criminals can commit. Security cameras can also prevent and document kidnappings as well as vandalism. More than 80% of abductions happen within a half-kilometre radius of the person’s home, making security cameras an imperative piece of equipment.

Most kidnappings and acts of vandalism also occur at night, and investing in a camera that has night time capabilities is crucial to the success rate of catching the culprit. The reason behind the time of day, or should we say night, is because vandals and kidnappers believe they have a lesser chance of being caught. For neighbourhoods without proper security, this is unfortunately true. Incorporating a security system will not only visually deter them from going through with their act, but may help local authorities find that those faces are familiar and responsible for other local criminal acts.

Multiple Angles for Security Angels

The idea of an angel watching out for you is great, but that doesn’t give visible evidence that said person is the culprit. Physical evidence from a security system will confirm the acts or potential criminals. Choosing a security package that contains more than one camera will allow you to get the full view of who the person is and any clues he or she is dragging behind himself or herself.


For those with one camera, you may miss the larger picture or other clues like a getaway car or if they have anyone else with them. These small clues may not seem like much help, especially if the culprits got away, but with this information, authorities will be able to track them down even faster than if they went to someone’s house without security.