Outdoor Lighting Ideas for 2016


Creative garden lighting has blossomed since the arrival of LED, and with a range of colours and finishes, the choice is unlimited. Whatever ambience your garden has during the day, it makes no difference to the range of looks one can conjure up with the right lighting. The correct way to think about garden lighting, is to illuminate the garden, highlighting certain elements, without drawing attention to the light source itself.

Softer trends

The arrival of LED lighting brought with it a finer level of light control, and if one places small LED lights in the right places, perhaps behind shrubs or plants, one can create a feint, shimmering look. Floor lighting plays an important role along pathways and also looks nice on either side of the drive. If you are looking for something a little different for your terraced area, there are reputable online lighting suppliers, such as Amonson Lighting who supply a wide range of interior and exterior lighting solutions.


These are ideal for doorways and entrances, and can also be used to enhance certain aspects of the garden, especially large trees.

LED strips

The wonderful thing about LED is that it comes in a roll, so it can be used in many different ways. A few different colours, tastefully draped on a large tree, would make the property look elegant, and the illumination would not be too intense. Ultra-thin LED strips can be attached to the underside of window sills, bring a soft glow to the building, or you could outline the windows, which would inject some depth into the house, and give the home a cosy, warm feel.


Sometimes we need illumination over a wide area, and floodlights provide this, with doorways and entrances covered, and possibly the patio area, for those summer parties. The modern systems are controlled by motion sensors, turning on whenever a person approaches, which apart from being convenient, also saves power.

Light sensors

Your garden lights can automatically work when the light reduces to a certain level, and this results in a considerable saving on energy, and with several different circuits, your creativity can get to work, and bring your garden to life.


Deep blues and greens work very well if your garden is green, especially with a well-kept lawn, which can be effectively highlighted with LED. Lighting strips enable bushes and trees to be used to hang a variety of designs, which can easily be moved to alter the ambience slightly.

Focus on the features

The focal points of your garden area could be,

  • Statues
  • Fountains
  • Walkways
  • Decking
  • Rockeries
  • Ponds
  • Lawns
  • Trees

With this in mind, do not overdo it, not every item of interest needs to be illuminated, and the softer the light, the better.

LED suppliers

Thanks to the Internet, you can easily locate a quality outdoor lighting supplier, who will have an extensive range of interior and exterior LED lighting solutions. They will be more than happy to help with design ideas, to turn your garden into something unique.