How to Choose the Right Winch


A good way for a business to save money when they need a piece of equipment for a one-time project is to hire it. It is far less expensive to pay for it on a weekly or monthly basis than it is to pour tens of thousands of pounds into equipment that is only needed occasionally. If you need a winch, here is some information about choosing the correct type for a client’s project.

What is a Winch?

A winch is a piece of equipment that pulls heavy objects. Some of the smaller ones may be manually operated, but to tow heavy equipment, the motors usually run on air, electricity or hydraulics. You may be familiar with winches without realising it, as they are used to tow cars, boats, and much heavier equipment.

A rope or cable wraps around a winch drum, which is usually made of fabricated steel. They are designed to hold certain weight capacities, so when you need one on your jobsite, you should know how much weight it needs to pull. Not knowing the weight of the equipment can be a safety hazard because the cable could snap if it’s too heavy and people could get hurt.

Choosing a Winch

When choosing a winch, you need to know the weight of the equipment being pulled. Winches are rated by the maximum weight they can pull with just the bottom layer of rope or cable on the drum. The line pull usually decreases by 10% per layer, so the more cable around the drum, the less pull there is on the line.

When choosing a winch, you will need to know the object’s approximate weight, the surface level it’s being pulled across, and its mobility. The best way to determine the size of winch you’ll need is to multiply the maximum amount of weight being pulled by 1.5. So, if you need to pull an object that is a 450 kg, then you should choose a winch from Atlas Winch Hire that can pull a minimum of 680 kg.

Hiring a Hoist

If you need to lift something, then a winch isn’t always the best equipment for doing the job. Instead of a winch, you may need to hire a hoist. A hoist uses chains or wire rope to lift everything from stage lighting to car engines to steel beams. A hoist is operated manually or with an electric motor, hydraulics, or pneumatic motors.

To choose the best type of equipment to hire for a project, consider what you need it to do. If it will involve pulling an object, you will want to hire a winch. However, if you need a piece of equipment or object lifted, a hoist may be the best option because it is safer to use for lifting heavy weights.

If you’re unsure of what type of equipment you need, consult with the company that you do business with and they can help you choose the best equipment to hire for your job.