Buying an Air Conditioner: What You Need to Know


Temperatures in Australia tend to go very high during the summers. Almost every Australian house has a dedicated air conditioner and heating system installed. Choosing the right type of air conditioner is essential if you want to keep your utility bills low and your house cool. Most HVAC designers are quick to point out that there are many factors that can influence your purchase. Before you buy a new air conditioner, it’s important that you know about the different types of air conditioners available.

Famous brands such as Carrier air conditioners are popular in the Australian market. The company produces a variety of different types of air conditioners, geared towards residential and light commercial markets. Some people buy used air conditioners in order to save money. That’s not a wise idea at all. Most home appliances have a useful life of around three to five years. After this period, the energy ratings fall drastically. Most companies offer a warranty of at least two years with every new purchase.

Types of Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners were quite popular in the early 1980s and 1990s. They are perfect for single rooms. All the major components of the air conditioner, such as the condenser, the compressor and the coils, are enclosed within a single box. It’s neatly packaged and can be installed in any wall of the room. These air conditioners are most commonly installed on the window sills.

Buying an Air Conditioner

Perhaps the most popular type of air conditioner used in Australia is the split air conditioner. As the name suggests, the split air conditioner is divided into two main components: the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit must be placed in the open environment, while the indoor unit is placed within the room. The outdoor unit houses the expansion valve, the compressor and the condenser. The cooling coils and the evaporator are housed within the indoor unit. There’s no need to make a slot in the walls of the room. All you need is to place a small bracket and make a hole in the wall through which the pipes can pass. Modern split air conditioners often feature a beautiful design, and can easily cool one or two rooms.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Apart from these two popular types of air conditioning units, central air conditioning systems, or HVAC systems, are also found in homes across Australia. These units are custom designed depending on the size of the place. You will need to hire an HVAC designer to help you fix the unit in place. The outdoor unit is usually placed in the backyard or on the roof. A false ceiling is installed around the house, and vents are fixed in each room to allow for air conditioning. You can install a thermostat along with the unit in order to regulate the temperature as per your requirements. Smart thermostats are available that can be controlled through your mobile phone.