Business Security 101


Your business needs to be kept as secure as possible, whether it is an office or a beauty salon. A break-in could potentially cause lots of stress and might be financially damaging. There are dozens of different ways to make sure that your business is safe from the threat of burglaries.

Read this helpful guide for some useful security tips.

Install Roller Shutters

Windows and doors are vulnerable to being smashed or broken down by burglars who are looking to force their way inside your business. In order to prevent this from happening, you should consider buying some sturdy roller shutters for protection. These can be bought either as manual or automatic shutters and are rigorously tested to make sure that they are up to the required safety standard. Does your business need roller shutter doors?

Inspect the rollers shutters regularly to make sure that they are in perfect working condition and have not become damaged. Correctly installed shutters should last for years without any issues. Problems with shutters include rust and dents, as well as loose locks.

Install An Alarm System

An effective alarm system will help you to protect your business from break-ins. Alarms can be linked to motion sensors which will detect if anyone is trying to gain unauthorised access to the building. You might also want to link your alarm to an emergency response system, which will cause the police to respond promptly if the business alarms start to go off.

Alarm systems should be regularly tested in order to make sure that they are working correctly. Faulty alarm systems need to be fixed as soon as practically possible. Shop around in order to find a company which will install a comprehensive alarm system for a cost-effective price.

Employ Security Guards

Security guards will be able to protect your business after working hours. You can research different security firms in order to find the most experienced guards in your area. These guards can deter anyone who might be loitering with intent outside your business premises.

Install Keyless Locks

To improve the security of your doors, you might consider installing keyless locks. Doors which are protected by a password can be harder to break past than doors with traditional locks. These keyless security systems should be checked regularly in order to make sure that they are working correctly.


Fit New Windows

Windows are the most vulnerable part of any business. Old windows with unstable windowpanes or broken locks are a prime target for burglars looking for an easy point of access. Brand-new double-glazing with fully-functioning locks will deter anyone who wants to break into the property.

Check Employee History

Employees should be carefully screened to make sure that they are completely trustworthy. You can contact their prior employers for a character assessment before you make the decision to hire.

Use this guide to make your business as secure as possible.